The Toefl test is one of the requirements to graduate from college.
Here are Tips for TOEFL Test Guaranteed Guaranteed PASS:

  • TOEFL is a model that has certain patterns.
  • Recognize the forms of command (direction) in TOEFL.
  • The TOEFL test is not an ingredient to avoid.
  • Learning TOEFL is entertaining and fun.
  • Familiarize your day to read any literature that speak English.
  • Do not limit your reading to certain themes.
  • Hold your time to read three sentences in each day.
  • Learning a language is a time consuming process.


  1. To Listening Comprehension.
  1. How common.
    • Understand the form-bnetuk command (direction) on each part (part) well before H exam day.
    • Read the options on each of the questions as much as possible when the narrator is reading the directions and the example (example) example.
    • Listen with great concentration and focus your attention on the conversation you are listening to.
    • Maximize your listening skills on the first questions on each part.
  1. Part A: short conversation.
    • Focus your hearing on the second person.
    • Do not panic if you can not comprehend word for word in complete conversation. You just need to capture the idea or content of the conversation.
    • If you sma could not understand what was said second speaker, choose the best answer is different from what you hear.
    • Understand the forms funtional expresion (agreement (approval), uncertainty (uncertainty), suggestion (suggestion), surprise (shock)), idiomatic, expressions, and situations when the conversation is done.
  1. Part B: longer conversation.
    • When the narrator read part B direction you should read the answer choices at a glance and then record it and memeperkirakan theme of what would become the talk.
    • When listening to the conversation, you must know what the theme / topic to be discussed.
    • Beware of each question.
    • Pay attention to the conditions and circumstances that occurred during the conversation took place, namely regarding the place and time of the conversation, what and who is concerned.
  1. Part C: talks
    • If you have time, look at the answer options listed on the questionnaire and find the key word.
    • Be aware of the talks in the first sentence because it will usually be the topic for the next sentences.
    • Focus your hearing on matters related to the question 5 - W (what, who, when, where, why) and How.
    • Make a conclusion / inferasi on the situation that occurs when the conversation is done.
  1. Structure And Written Expression
  1. How common
    • Understand the form-bnetuk command (direction) on each part (part) well before H exam day.
    • Do the structural questions first.
    • Continue on matters written expression.
  1. Structure
    • First of all notice the questionable sentence in the question.
    • Consider each of the answers provided, pilihlan most appropriate for menelngkapi sentence in question.
    • Do not eliminate an answer option by looking at the answer without looking at the sentence.
    • First look at the underlined word or group of words and quickly find out which parts are not correct.
    • If the problem you face is not bus adiidentifikasi only see the word or group of words underlined, immediately read a full sentence.
  1. Reading Comprehension
  1. How common
    • Do not read reading texts for too long.
    • Notice all the questions contained in a reading and keep in mind the key words.
    • Do not panic if the theme of reading is not a discipline you are good at.
    • Previewing to find out the topic of reading.
    • Notice the first sentence of a paragraph reading to find out the main idea.
    • Understand the context contained in the reading to know the meaning of certain words.
    • Scan to find specific information related to the query.
    • Gather facts and data in the reading to make inferences.
    • Concentrate during reading reading text.
    • Increase your reading speed.

Hopefully Helpful to reader ...... 👌👍😃😎💢💤🍉🍇🍅


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