Some people may still feel strange when hearing Computerize Accounting majors. This department is usually under the Faculty of Computer Science, but still has relevance to the concepts of accounting.
           As the development of information technology, of course the bookkeeping process, the preparation of monthly reports, and other things in accounting done manually in the company will take quite a lot and more prone to error. In this case, there is a wide variety of programs that can be used in Computerized Accounting, such as Microsoft Excel, MYOB, Zahir, and many more software that can be utilized in the process of Computerized Accounting. In principle, accounting cycles performed manually are the same as computerized accounting, but can be summarized, so that it becomes shorter because some other recording process is done automatically by the computer. Therefore, have professional expertise in accounting and finance-based ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is a big advantage as well of capital owned by the alumni of the Department of Computerized Accounting.
         Quite a lot of work that can be taken by the alumnus majoring Computerized Accounting, among others:

Accounting Clerks

This position has responsibilities in terms of accounts receivable payables, bookkeeping, and is responsible for recording transactions that occur, as well as to calculate the interest rate. Usually, transactions that occur live input into the system that is already available within the company. In principle, this position is responsible for the bookkeeping process performed, as well as the accounts recorded in each transaction that occurred.

Accounting Receptionist

This position can be placed in financial offices, owned jobdesk such as answering the phone, welcoming the dating client, and scheduling a meeting between clients and employees.

Financial Clerks

Served in managing financial records, customer billing, and completing financial transactions. In addition, this position is also responsible for making the company's financial statements, corporate tax reports, and create budget, both budget revenue and corporate expenditure budget periodically.

System Analyst

This position has a responsibility in designing systems that can meet business needs. Begins with understanding what the problems and needs of business as well as the user, then do further analysis to begin designing the system to be developed. Not infrequently a system doubles as a programmer analyst who also made the software as a form of the system he created to solve the business problem.
         Outlined above are just some of the many careers that can be undertaken by Computerized Accounting graduates, there are many other fields, such as lecturer, project team leader, financial evaluator, and others. So, do not hesitate to major in Computerized Accounting


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