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Healthy Lifestyle Recommended for Men A healthy and fit body is an essential asset to achieve all the things you want in life.A healthy body means we are free from obesity, hypertension, mental disorders, and so forth.A healthy body needs effort and it must be a part of everyday life.Here is a suggested lifestyle for men to achieve the best conditions.1. Choose the right vitamin Do not carelessly buy a vitamin daily without knowing the health problems dimimliki.Professor at the University of Alabama's medical school, Willian Curry, says for the average person, no proven multivitamins can improve health or avoid disease."There is no proven multivitamin benefit unless someone has vitamin deficiency or specific conditions, but the doses of various A, B, C, D and E vitamins in a standard multivitamin product are usually within a safe range," Curry said.Multivitamins are recommended by those who have impaired absorption in the gut, alcoholism, or have had major surgery.Tho…

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