Many view sharia banking has not been too developed and in demand than conventional banks. But in fact, what is offered by Islamic banks is not inferior to the conventional first popular. In fact, sharia banking has several advantages that are not owned by conventional banking, and make it more prudence and resistant to crisis shocks.

    So what are the benefits of sharia bank products that are not yet known by many people, some of the following may be worth your consideration:

1. Complete Facilities of Conventional Bank

Many people think that because sharia banking is still new, the types of transactions that can be done only slightly. The assumption was probably understandable, but now it is not true at all. Islamic Banks today are very modern. All types of transactions ranging from savings, deposits, business loans, home loans, clearing, etc. can be done comfortably. The majority of Sharia Banks are connected to the online ATM Bersama network so you can withdraw cash and realtime transfer from / to other banks easily. Some Banks have a fee for this. Some Sharia Banks that provide Internet Banking, SMS Banking, and even sharia credit cards are more practical.

2. Safer Financial Management

The 2007 financial subprime financial tragedy hardly shook the sharia-based investment. When many investment banks and big banks go bankrupt or need funding, many new Sharia Banks are emerging or open branches. The economic crisis has proved that sharia-based financial management is much safer than the conventional banks' conventional liberal economy.

3. You Contribute Directly to Strengthen Sharia Bank

Conventional banks determine their own interest rates on loans as well as deposits based on the provisions of Bank Indonesia. There is a possibility that despite poor bank conditions, it can still "provide" high interest rates and low credit interest rates. This could endanger the bank. Bank Syariah provides a ratio ("interest" savings) based on the company's financial development. Indirectly you become a "shareholder" in your Sharia Bank. Each of your deposits will strengthen the bank's investment. Each of your loans will strengthen the bank's profits. As your business grows, banks are also growing because of the loans provided using the profit-sharing scheme. The more advanced the bank, the more bank profits that can be distributed as the ratio to the customers.

4. Helping People Needed to Get Dizakati

Syariah banks spend 2.5 percent of their annual profits to zakah. (You yourself still have to pay zakat if you are Muslim.) But conventional banks do not have zakah obligations. By using Bank Syariah services, you indirectly participate in zakat and help those in need.

5. 100 Percent Halal

Loans provided by sharia banks have requirements that require funds to be used for halal activities. Businesses that are financed by sharia banks, also should not be at risk of having activities that are forbidden by Islam. This in no way limits the customers of sharia banks should be Muslims, just any religion may, as long as the lawful use. Although the customer is a Muslim, but if the use of funds or business run it is not kosher, then he is not allowed to take credit in Bank Syariah.



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