Technology that is environmentally friendly

Solar-powered Portable Insect Killer.
This tool works by removing the bright light from special LED lights, which attract the attention of the insects and the tool has been surrounded by a wire that will automatically give high voltage to those who intend to enter, so that the insects will be exposed to high electrical tug and die. If it has filled the battery fully, it can operate for approximately 5 hours. This tool is also equipped with a hanger and a tripod so you can put this tool on the floor or hang it.

Sylvania ECOLight – Water powered.
Use the same principles as the radio above, and have an automatic sensor that will tell you the current water temperature. With this tool you do not need to turn on the lights when you want to take a bath, so it will reduce the electricity consumption in your home.

SUCK UK Water watch
Fuel is one of the biggest problems in the  electronics industry. But this one clock did not encounter the same problem. This clock does not require a battery, just enough water 1 liter is enough to make 
this clock work with the effectiveness of battery powered clock. This clock can also display dates as well as equipped with alarm facilities. Really practical and environmentally friendly.


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