Techniques How To Type 10 Fingers Quickly and Correctly Without Viewing Keyboards (Videos, Applications and Online)


It does not take the brains to master 10 Fingers Quickly and Correctly without Seeing This Keyboard, as this is just a skill and skill can be had with just a little learning and lots of practice. We believe only by studying the technique using the ten fingers of the video below you can quickly understand and be proficient in typing on the computer, whether at work on the task in Microsoft Word or when browsing and chat with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Anyway, whatever you do in cyberspace will feel light if you can communicate with the hands like talking because your finger like 'dancing' on the keyboard PC / Laptop computer.
The first time practicing this technique may be very heavy, especially when it is smooth typing with 2 fingers, it feels like a tuh want to run but can only walk because of limping. The most important of this method according to Caraspot itself is the patience and discipline you to want to follow all the directives described in the Youtube video below, especially for always disciplined use assignment of each finger while pressing the letter keys, especially for the function of small bumps Such as the lines on the letters F and J should not be ignored which both serve as a benchmark when typing without looking at the keyboard.
Once again, before you start paying attention to the tutorials and tips from the following impressions, always remember that you will also be proficient and slick like most people, as long as you want to discipline and practice a lot. Okay guys, let's check with the guides:



  • Pay attention! On Moment first wanted type use ten finger then Start with put second finger in the two existing letter bulge, ie, Index finger finger left on letter F and Index finger finger right on the letter J. It gunananya in order to function and task each finger already You remember be fit and no Wrong Moment push keyboard.

  • Other than the sign on the letter F and J also useful so after hand Lifted or Move because Has push button remote such as Delete or Others then we can with Fast restore to Its position with only Plague and without staring at the same keyboard once.

Position and Function of Each Finger on Keyboard

Our concern here is what the task or function of each finger we have, and for easy explanation we will map to two parts, the left and right fingers. When there is one finger that is not used as the task then of course the tips you learn this is not perfect, especially if it is used would be difficult to change.

A. Right Finger Duty

  • Telunjuk: To button letters: J, H, U, Y, M, N, 7 and 6

  • Middle Finger: Served push letters: K, I, comma (,) / sign more small (<) and 8 or sign asterisk (*)

  • Finger sweet: On the letters L, O, 9 / sign Brackets left ((), and a period (.) / sign more large (>) and Alt

  • pinky: All keyboard keys in door Right, besides of which has mentioned above, namely Start from sign point two (;), pins quote ( '), Enter, the letter P, sign Brackets elbow ({} / [}), slashes left (\), question mark (?) / sign slash (/), click right (sign as documents) and the Shift and Ctrl right.

  • thumb: Spaces. This special new Used if Slaha one from finger left the last press button. So principle It works Created Crossed with thumb left.

B. Left Hand Task

  • Telunjuk: Functions for type the letter F, R, V, G, T, B, points 4 and 5,

  • Finger Middle: For the letters D, E, C, and number 3.

  • Finger sweet: for the letter S, W, X, and 2.

  • Pinky: A, Q, Z, 1, Alt and other than those mentioned, namely the sign ~, Tab, Caps Lock, Shift, Ctrl, and button window / Windows.

  • thumb: Push spaces. The formula, when fingers in the hand the latter right push button then new use Thumb left this and thereby otherwise.



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