A criticism in the world of work can have an impact on performance decline.

Therefore, such unpleasant statements should be treated wisely.
Here are some strategies in dealing with criticism from colleagues : 
Objective in judging
If you look at a personal critique, you will feel discouraged and uncomfortable at work. Be professional in the face of criticism by self-examination. Some people view a criticism as an incentive to achieve success.
Do not show anger reaction.
Although your colleagues or bosses criticize your ideas and plans on a continuous basis, do not immediately show angry reactions. Instead, ask for suggestions and opinions to critics. This makes the critic also think and feel more appreciated. The key, remain confident and do not
Giving up in putting forward the idea.
Understanding your best potential.
If you already have a certain position in the office you have ability in that field. Although you continue to be criticized, think of criticism as a positive entry to further explore your potential.
Do not be weak.
Strengthen yourself if criticized. People who easily slumped are often subjected to criticism. Other people will find it easier to look for the mistakes of people who are considered weak.
Discuss if the criticism does not make sense.
Your continuous and unreasonable criticism can be a form of bullying or torture in the office. These conditions should be avoided and need to get serious attention. Talk about this to the critic, and you can involve a third party in the face of the condition.
Support colleagues.
Build a good working environment among other colleagues. Healthy friendships in the office will give you psychological support when criticized. Stay in touch with people who can appreciate your work. The key, do not let the criticism make you become unconfident and do not let others intimidate you. Face the situation because criticism is an inescapable part of professional life.
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