How To Make A Simple Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner (Dust Extractor) is a modern equipment that is very helpful for Household work, especially to clean the dust quickly and efficiently. This tool is specifically used to suck the dust that is attached to the surface of the floor, carpet furniture, sofas, walls, etc..
Vacuum Cleaner constituent components.
  1. suction (intake port), the channel exit (exhaust port), electric motors, bag dust (dust bag).
  2. Vacuum Is part to be we clean up or the place dust Sucked to a vacuum cleaner.
  3. Salauran Exit Is the place inhaled air Exit Keatmosfir after Cleaned through filter. While dust Accommodated in bag dust.
  4. electric motor Function for Rotate fan (fan). The resulting turnover fan Decline pressure in the vacuum cleaner (space vacuum) so dust sucked.
When a vacuum cleaner is plugged into a power source and turned on, the following will occur:
  • Current Electricity will Flowing to an electric motor so that the motor rotates.
  • Motor will Rotate fan wind (fan) installed on the motor shaft.
  • When spins, the blades fan wind push air to directions exhaust.
  • If Particles air pressed, density air increases in front of fans and fell behind fan.
How Vacuum Cleaner Works
Media filters, giving you the highest cleanliness and performance. In conventional vacuum cleaners, the commonly used filters are paper or fabric. The filter keeps dust, dirt, but small particles can also close the vacuum cleaner filter itself. So as to reduce airflow, reduce the effectiveness of cleaning. With a water filter, Vacuum Cleaner can suck any kind of dirt like dust, food scraps, large and small sand, hair, animal hair, and others.
  1. Principle work of the vacuum cleaner with way Make use of difference pressure
  2. Fan (fan) will Reduce pressure in the vacuum cleaner so that happened vacuum (space vacuum)
  3. Pressure Atmosphere will Push air Outside into the vacuum cleaner so that dust will Come along Inhaled Sign in into the bag dust in vacuum cleaner
  4. Dust and Air is sucked through suction (intake port) passes filter (filter). Dust accommodated in the bag dust (dust bag) and air Thrown away in Circumstances clean to atmosphere after Past filter.
On this occasion "Natured Time" will explore how to create a simple vacuum cleaner using tamiya dynamo. Friends can make this as a project of physics lessons in school or as a task of scientific writing. Here's how to make it.
Tools and materials
  • tube former food chip light potatos or Springles
  • DC motors or dynamo Tamiya
  • switch on / off
  • 9 V battery or 1.5 V batteries 4 pieces
  • cable male and female connectors
  • period mathematics and pen
  • bottle former coca cola
  • knife pen
  • cardboard former
  • paper card
  • PVC thin plastic
  • aluminum / zinc thin
  • soldering and lead
  • scissor
  • glue Shoot
Procedure How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner simple
  1. Create circle on using a thin aluminum (range diameter 5.6 cm) from tube Springlessnya use period mathematics
  2. scissor circle just now corresponding line on the and Create line Transverse on paper Shaped circle before, for into 6 pieces same Great.
  3. Spare with nail part The middle
  4. cut into thin PVC with 1.5 cm wide
  5. Cut Along finger finger circle earlier, a total of 6 pieces.
  6. Cut part The tip Triangle half.
  7. glue use glue Shoot part Triangle Facing to above.
  8. Hole Closed springless, pointless for save dynamo.
  9. paste the dynamo rotor on turbines that have been made.
  10. scissor tube Springless corresponding taste (less over 3 cm)
  11. Create circle on cardboard with diameters less over 1.5 to 2 cm for the place Suckers garbage.
  12. Paste cardboard just now for close tube springless.
  13. Hole Closed bottle Shaped square
  14. Connect dynamo with cable Connectors and solder,
  15. Connect with switch On series.
  16. Create same hole with hole on Closed bottle in part side tube springless. then glue.
  17. Cut paper think think 1.5 cm wide, and scissor Shaped serrations. then paste it at the hole turbine
  18. Hole part under bottle for circulation air
  19. Paste bottle on The lid
  20. glue switch on the Closed bottle
  21. Connect part switch with battery.
Vacuum cleaner is finished 😊😆😃 . To more clearly you can see the making of video directly below...... 👌👍



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