The eye is one of the five most important senses in human life, with the eyes, humans can enjoy the beauty of nature of God's creation so extraordinary. So, in order for your eyes to stay healthy to continue to enjoy the beauty of this world, you must maintain the health of your eyes well. The trick is to eat foods that contain lots of vitamins for the eyes. Everyday activities that unconsciously become our daily routine, unconsciously become the causes of eye factor look tired, such as:

  • Read while lying down

  • Watch television at a short distance

  • Read above the running vehicle

  • Sunlight

  • Drive at night

  • See the smaller focus like inserting the thread into the needle

Natural way to maintain eye health

1. Carrots

 Who does not know Carrots? Outrageous! I'm sure you already know about this one plant, because almost everyone has ever eaten this plant. In addition to rabbit food, it turns out that carrots are very good as a vitamin for the eyes because it contains beta-carotene. Where beta-carotene will be processed by the body into Vitamin A is very good for the eyes.

2. Tomatoes

If the fruit of this one I'm sure you are also familiar because this fruit is widely sold in the market and in stalls, in addition to rich in Vitamin C, tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin A is very suitable for human eye health. So there is no reason for you not to consume this one fruit, what else the price is quite cheap and easy to find everywhere.

3. Eggs

Eggs are not only rich in Vitamin B12 and also Vitamin D, but also rich in Vitamin A is very good for the health of the human eye. Lutein and zeaxanthin found in egg white is believed to prevent cataracts. Eggs are also one type of meal that is very easy to find everywhere and has a good taste.

4. Dark Chocolate

For those of you who do not like carrots, you can replace them with dark chocolate because dark chocolate is believed to protect the eyes from blindness thanks to the flavonoid that serves to protect the blood vessels of the eye and strengthen the cornea of ​​the eye and also the retina.

5. Spinach vegetables


The leaves are green and have a good taste, that's the bayem that is the source of the power of sailor Popay in cartoons. Okey, we are back to the benefits that can be from bayem for eye health. As it is known that bayem is also rich in Vitamin A which is very good for the health of the human eye. It was thanks to the content of l utein and zeaxanthin are highly needed by the human eye.


In addition to eating foods that contain lots of Vitamin A, maintain eye health and consult eye health to an eye doctor is one way to maintain eye health to stay healthy. That's a little tips to maintain eye health for the eyes always healthy to old even though.


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