Burning mosquito repellent is one way to keep mosquitoes away. The mosquito coils in Indonesia often digunakaan by the lower middle class people because the price is terjangkau.Bagi you frequently use mosquito coils, now you have to be careful because of the smoke generated from mosquito coils found to contain pollutants that can harm health.
You need to know some substances contained in insect repellent and one of them is dichlorovynil dimetyl phosfat which included poison in grade one and its use has been banned in dunia.Selain there propoxur which is a second kind of poison contained in mosquito coils . In the long-term use, propoxur this will disrupt the reproductive system. Moreover, in the mosquito coils da also some other chemical substances like transflutrin, bioallethrin, d-allethrin, cyphenothrin and praletrhin.
Mosquito smoke can be harmful to your health, especially if you are in a closed room. According to the results of the study, lung damage resulting from a single mosquito coil is similar to the damage caused by 100 cigarettes. The content of phosphate dimetyl dichlorovynil when constantly exposed to in the long term will result in serious damage to the nervous system, respiratory, and can lead to cancer.
In addition, the content of other chemicals contained in the mosquito repellent can make the enzyme activity decreased so badly affect your liver and reproductive system. Here are some ways that are right for you and your family to avoid the negative effects of using mosquito coils, among others:
  1. Room Must Ventilated Enough
Do you often cough when using mosquito coils? Maybe it happens because you use a mosquito repellent in a room that is not enough ventilasinya.Segera change your habits to use mosquito repellent in a closed room. Adverse effects that will occur are respiratory problems such as shortness of breath. For that to put the mosquito repellent in areas with sufficient air flow so that the smoke does not bother you.
  1. Distance No Too Close
The use of mosquito coils is meant to repel mosquitoes, but it can actually harm your health. If you use a mosquito repellent about 1.5 meters from you or you can also use mosquito repellent in the afternoon so that at night no longer exists The smoke left in the room.
  1. Put it down On Right Places
You can put mosquito coils under the bed so you are not directly exposed to smoke produced from mosquito repellent. Also do not put mosquito coils around your body. You can place the insect repellent near the soles of the feet, reducing the chances of smoke being inhaled by you. Store in a lower place (floor).
  1. Avoid from Children and mother Pregnant
You can make the right schedule to burn the mosquito coil when your child is not in the room. However children are especially vulnerable if inhaling smoke generated from mosquito coils, feared would endanger the health of breathing. Similarly with the use of near pregnant women, the danger is similar to approaching yourself to those who are smoking.



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