Good Time & Forbidden To Bath 

[Benefits & Hazards]

             Basically we need to bathe in every day, so that the body can become more fresh and the mind becomes fresh. So it can be thinking clearly and the spirit will again peak to perform the daily solid activities. However, please note that bath activity also has rules ...

       Regarding this habit of bathing, then of course everyone has different times and frequencies.
The average person minimum in a day shower as much as 2 times. There are things to do in the bath and the rules. In addition there is the best time to bathe, there are also dangerous times or less good to do a shower

Harmful Times to Bath ... Avoid bathing after ashar prayer for up to 1 hour later That is avoid bath around 03.10 hours until about 4:20 pm. That's because of the circumstances in those hours, the blood condition in the body is in a sufficiently hot state. As a result if forced to bathe at that time, then even make the body feel tired, so less healthy and can disrupt the activities that will be done afterwards. For that then avoid or at least do not get used to bathing at that time, so the body can avoid things that are not desirable.

Avoid taking a bath after maghrib prayer That's because at around 6 pm to 7 pm, heart conditions begin to weaken after the activities carried out all day. So if forced to bathe it will be very dangerous for our body's health, especially the very dangerous that the body susceptible to lung disease wet. Avoid bathing after isya until 12 pm 

Likewise during these hours, at which time the body should have begun to deduct its activity and start to rest. Where in that time, the heart condition is no longer ready to receive water spray, where the disease is very vulnerable to attack the body due to bathing in these hours, such as rheumatic diseases.

Good time / recommended for bathing....
Recommended bath at dawn or before dawn
      When waking up at 4 am or dawn, it becomes a very good time to bathe. Because at that time water conditions contain higher ozone, so with the high ozone content is very beneficial for the health of the body, then make the body becomes more fresh later .... so that activities performed in the morning and afternoon can be smooth and maximal. Other benefits increase your immune system, and help you to stay young.As for, the history that the Prophet liked to bathe before dawn, it has never been found a legitimate history (saheeh) about it. There is a history of sunna prayer two rak'ah before dawn (may Allah give taufik to us to always do it). As for the saheeh narration that the Prophet bathed before dawn, has never been found.

But do not be sad ...
        From the medical side, Dr. Abdul Hamid Dayyat, of Cairo University of Egypt explained the calm health benefits a person gains from waking up (half an hour) before dawn, then bathing at that time.
       At dawn (shubuh) O3 gas content is very abundant, which after that will decrease little by little until it runs out at sunset in the afternoon.
       O3 gas provides positive benefits in the nerves, able to activate the brain work and maintain bone health.
       When a person breathes the air of dawn, will feel the joy and freshness of the unending at that time. After that it will be better and healthy again if the bath before the time of the commencement of "adzan shubuh"

           bath at dawnaccording to dr. Midi Hariyani, SPKK skin and genital specialist from brass archipelago clinic, Bathing at dawn can awaken the sleeping body where the body's metabolism is slowing down. The body temperature will be increased to achieve stability.        Heart becomes spurred to wake up, adrenaline increases, blood vessels become more smoothly to move, as a result the blood flow in the body becomes very good, including the flow to the skin. So useful to make skin look more fresh.         Mandi shubuh according to Dr. Dr. Aru W. Sudoyo, MD specialist in internal medicine from FK UI and Medistra Hospital.         Bathing in the morning will medically stimulate the circulatory system and make the nerves become more active.         This is because of the body's reaction to cold temperature stimulation briefly. As long as a person does not get sick, bathing at dawn or before dawn will have a positive effect because the body will be 'whipped' by low temperature. The benefits of bathing at dawn 1. Smooth blood circulation According to research by a platelet research institute in the UK, found that someone who often

bathe the morning with cold water (water), is useful for the blood circulation will become more fluent.

So that his body becomes noticeably fresher and fitter, which has a positive effect on his daily activities.

2. Reduce the risk of high blood
According to Frederic Premji, a hypnotherapist from The American Board of Hypnotherapy, that a regular water bath is beneficial to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, prevent varicose veins and prevent hardening of blood vessels.
This is because bathing with ordinary water (especially shubuh time) is able to smooth all blood circulation to the organs of the body.
3. Increase fertility
Taking a bath in the morning with regular water has important benefits for human health and fertility reproduction. Which can increase the production of testosterone hormone in men and estrogen hormone in women.

A recent study conducted at the University of California, found the results of research that the production of sperm in men significantly increased after bathing in the morning with regular water for 1 week.
While bathing using hot water has the opposite effect, which is at risk of lowering fertility.
4. Increase white blood cells
In a study in England, found that bathing with cold water can increase white blood cells in the body. With increased white blood cells, it is beneficial for the endurance and ability of the body to be stronger in fighting the disease virus.
The body will become healthier, fit and not easily hurt because of the immune function that works well.

The morning bath stimulates the body to produce white blood cells, like troops against viruses and diseases.
5. Improve the health of body tissues
The habit of bathing at dawn in a cold atmosphere has positive benefits for improved tissue, the skin is protected from dryness and the skin becomes softer, and the nails are healthier, stronger and less easily cracked
Bathing with cold water can reduce the stains and dark circles that are in the bottom of the eye. Thus, the body and face will look fresh and healthy.
The bath with warm water, at risk of making the skin easy to wrinkle and skin dryness.
6. Relieves depression
In the past, the habit of bathing in the morning with cold water (common) is often applied by the samurai fighters in Japan, often called misogyn ritual in Japanese.
The habit of bathing in the morning with a cool atmosphere aims to clear the mind sehigga more calm in behaving, and in order to live the days with passion.
And it is quite logical reason, because bathing with cold atmosphere in the morning is useful to relieve depression and stress.
When the body is full, the soul in a state of uneasy, tense to depression. So after a bath with a cool atmosphere makes the body become more fresh, and the mind becomes fresh, clear and more calm

7. Increase the mood for daily activities

Take a cold shower in the morning before you go to work, make your breathing better, to respond to cold shock, the body tries to make warm by increasing the overall oxygen intake.

In addition, the heart rate will also increase, so the flow of blood through the body becomes better to help you get enough energy in daily activities.

8. Strengthen the immune system

Taking a bath in the morning (in a cold atmosphere) can accelerate the body's metabolism rate, which helps to lower excessive fat, boosts the immune system's ability to fight viruses and diseases, and keeps white blood cells so that the body can get sick less often.

Cold showers improve overall blood circulation, which can reduce the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure) and reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries. 9. Maintain healthy hair and skin

Cold water bath can reduce the appearance of acne, while hot water bath (if the frequency) even cause mmasalah in the form of dry skin.

Bathing cold water serves to tighten cuticles and pores, and prevent the occurrence of blockage. You also have other benefits for the health and beauty of hair. Cold water can Reduce the risk of dirt can accumulate in the scalp.


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