Did you know that when a child plays in the park, it is likely he will be stung by a bee? Do you know how the first aid to overcome bee stings in children? Here are tips to help children as dilansir by below.

    1. Remove the rest of the stinger on the child's skin. k ethics child stung by a bee, usually are the remaining stinger behind. Eliminate the rest of the stinger carefully to avoid injury to the child getting worse.
    2. Wash the stung part with soap and water gently.
    3. Compress the stung part using ice inserted on the cloth. This will help reduce the pain at the wound stings.
    4. If the pain experienced by the child getting into, give him acetaminophen or ibuproven to reduce the pain of the sting. Do not give ibuproven in children younger than 6 months.
    5. If the child starts feeling itchy, ask your doctor to give you an antihistamine. You can also apply calamine lotion to help relieve stinging pain. The lotion also reduce the likelihood of children scratching the wound so that the wound will not leave marks.
    6. Call your doctor immediately if a bee sting is located inside the child's mouth. This is dangerous because the mucous membranes in the child's mouth will swell so that it will close the entrance of the air


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