First Aid For Electrocuted Victims

High voltage electricity can be dangerous and fatal when it comes to the body. When you first see a person who is electrocuted, you should be calm but still alert. Do not touch the victim while the power is on because of the risk of getting stung. According to Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book entitled 'First Aid, How to True First Aid and Emergency Handling', there are several things that can be done to minimize the risk of danger to the victim was electrocuted.

Things you can do when you see an electric shock victim include:

1. If possible, turn off the power source or have someone else turn it off.
2. It is important to move the victim carefully. Wear a dry base such as newspaper, board, blanket, rubber mat or dry clothes.
3. Do not use materials of iron and wet material. Do not touch the victim until he is free from the sting.
4. If the victim is not breathing, open the airway and do artificial respiration, the way is:

    • Make sure the victim is placed on a flat surface. Clean your mouth and airway from vomit or fluid.

    • Reach the victim's head by placing the palm of the hand on the forehead and the other fingers pushing up the chin of the victim

    • Pull the victim's nose by using your thumb, then take a deep breath. Put your mouth on the open victim's mouth, blow it quickly 2 times.

    • Stop the blow when the victim's chest has expanded. Remove the mouth from the victim's mouth, then close the ear to the victim's nose to hear his breath.

    • Notice the victim's chest, whether there is a movement up and down sign he was breathing.

    • Repeat this artificial breathing procedure until the victim can actually breathe on his own




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