Effects of Radiation Electronic Equipment Against Health

Description: http://cdn-u.kaskus.us/46/xjskewab.jpg     All electronic devices emit a kind of electromagnetic field (EMF) which is one type of radiation. EMF is a non-ionizing type of radiation, or even energy-insufficient radiation to ionize atoms or excite electrons, in contrast to uranium radiation, which is ionizing radiation.
However, if the user electronics goods are too long exposed to EMF radiation from electronic goods will affect on his health.
    "From the research results of a research institute in the United States who never say abaca mentioned that computer monitors radiation diagonally radiation leaks are much greater if we are dealing directly cheap. This radioactive emission will continue to be active until it decays for 20 years. Damage to the eye does not necessarily, but is gradual. Always rest your eyes by closing your eyes every 3 hours kompomputer for 5 minutes.
    According to Dr Setiadjit Yang, the limit of electromagnetic fields that can be tolerated by the human body is 2.5 milliGauss while the laptop can release radiation more than 150 mG when used. "The technological advances that provide convenience to humans in their daily activities also have an impact such as the use of computers or mobile phones that Produce radiation and negatively affect human health. Therefore we must be wise in using technology, "he said.
    Therefore, if you must use the laptop in daily activities then it is advisable to do some things to reduce radiation. First, When working with a computer it is advisable for every 30 to 50 minutes to rest your eyes for 5 minutes, see green plants, see objects with visible visibility ranging from nearest to farthest (see cloud).
    Both are advised to avoid putting the laptop on top of the thigh while working because of the lack of body distance with the laptop poses a greater risk of radiation.Computer desktop is equipped with metal casing to form a protective Gauss that protects from radiation.
    In order to avoid the negative effects of radiation from a Laptop or computer it is advisable to possibly avoid the direct effect of radiation directly on the monitor and its mechanical systems. In a study found in 30,000 cases in computer workers a year 1969, found that the majority of cases that occur are in addition to brain cancer and also human nervous system disorders also cause death.
    In addition to laptops, it turns out WI-FI (wireless fidelity) or local wireless network, which is increasingly popular its use is also the cause of radiation to the human body. With Wi-fi people can get into the internet network without having to bother connecting cables from computer to phone line. Unfortunately, behind the ease offered Wi-fi it turned out to have a negative impact on health. The hazards arising from Wi fi that can cause headache pain, sleep disorders (insomnia), nausea, especially for those who electrosensitif.
    Tranceivers (receivers) of wireless connections also produce microwave radiation, so there are also allegations that the wireless signal (or wi-fi, wireless fidelity) is much more dangerous. Based on findings conducted in the UK, radiation levels emitted by Wi-Fi equipment at a school in Norwich, which has more than a thousand pupils, are higher than radiation levels emitted from transmission towers of mobile operators generally. The measurements performed show that the Wi-Fi signal strength in the classroom is three times stronger than the radiation intensity of the cell tower.
    These findings are considered significant because children have a thinner skull than adults and are still in the growth stage. Tests show that children absorb more radiation than adults. But the World Health Organization (WHO) denies the findings and says the effects of WI-FI are still below the limit that could damage the human body.
    Other electronic goods that are also harmful to human health are Handphone or handheld telephon. The effects of radiation from mobile cause the user easy to drowsy, insomnia, lower intelligence, affect brain function in children, trigger mouth cancer, harmful to the fetus in the womb, make deaf, affect fertility level in men, cause mouth infection, increased risk Autism in children, the risk of stroke due to changes in albumin protein and affect the function of enzymes and proteins, damage DNA and interfere with brain development in children and trigger brain tumors, make blood vessels in the neck narrows so increase blood pressure, mobile phone use for 35 minutes can raise blood pressure 5-10 mmHg.



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