Dangers of Sleep In The Morning 

According to Health and Islam

     Sleeping in the morning is a bad habit that should be avoided because if you often do this then it is not impossible if the later could have a negative impact on the health of your own body. Although many people have known about the dangers of sleeping in the morning but sometimes it is often considered trivial and some of us are still doing this bad habit.


     Many reasons why people often sleep in the morning, one of the most common causes is due to stay up. People who stay up or do not sleep all night will feel very sleepy in the morning so this makes them reluctant to wake up in the morning and prefer to sleep in the morning. It is undeniable that the temptation to continue sleeping in the morning is very heavy, especially for those who have just stayed up all night all day sleeping is a must for them.

Dangers of Sleep in the Morning...

1. Make Body Limp All day

The first negative impact due to frequent sleep in the morning is can cause the body to become limp,
making us lazy to perform daily activities.
For those of you who often do sleep habits in the morning of course may have experienced this, the body weak and lethargic all day so that makes us just want to sleep alone all day. Body condition is weak and lethargy is something reasonable, this is because your body's metabolism is still working in the "set" at night so it affects the energy level of our body.

2. Interfere with the Metobolism System

Then the danger of a second morning sleep is that it can cause the body's metabolic system to become disrupted and chaotic. Your body is created not only for sleep but also for the move so that if you spend too much time to sleep then the metabolic system in the body will become disturbed. Ideally, the morning is the time for breakfast so that your body's energy is fulfilled so excited in daily activities and not used instead to sleep.

3. Headache

Sleeping in the morning too long can also cause your head to become sore or dizzy. This is because when we sleep there is a fluid called cerebrospina that enter the brain. Well, if our sleep time is longer then of course this fluid continues to flow into your brain and cause headaches. Therefore, sleep early at night so you do not drowsy and sleep again in the morning.

4. Blood Cancer

Blood cancer can also occur due to the habit of sleeping in the morning. Sleeping in the morning will make the white blood levels in your body increases, if this continues to take place then it is very risky for your health and can even cause you to get blood cancer. Especially, for those who often sleep at 10 am to 12 noon then the consequences are very fatal for your health.

5. The Dangers of Death

More frequent sleep in the morning will increase the risk of death. Many diseases will stalk you from diabetes, heart, anemia and brain function imbalance. These diseases are certainly very dangerous and can increase the risk of death.

The Dangers of Sleep According to Islam...

1. Blocking Rezeki

Not only bad for health alone, sleeping in the morning was also very prohibited in the religion of Islam and is not in accordance with the teachings Rasullulah SAW. Well, one of the negative impact of sleep in the morning according to Islam is that it can hinder the arrival of sustenance.

2. Passing the Blessing Time

Many blessings are in the morning so if you spend the morning with sleep then surely you will lose the blessings in the morning. When you wake up in the morning should pray for blessings. The blessing here means very broad but In general the meaning is the increase of goodness

3. Easy to Sick

Before modern researchers say that sleeping in the morning is not good for health, Islam has delivered this first. Sleeping in the morning will make you become easily exposed to various diseases and make the body become weak, weak and lethargic.

          That is the danger of sleeping in the morning for health that may be rarely known by many people. Please share this article if it is useful for everyone to know this 😊👌👍


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