Characteristics of High Cholesterol 


How to Cope


In the human body cholesterol is spread in certain body parts such as muscle, nerve, brain and also the heart.

In normal circumstances a person has cholesterol levels of 160-200 mg and can be said to be in a dangerous phase if it exceeds 240 mg which can lead to stroke.

Total Cholesterol
<200 mg / dl-- - ideal
200-239 mg / dl- high risk threshold
240> ----- high risk
         If ​​you do not want to risk experiencing various diseases due to cholesterol, then you should be aware of the characteristics of high cholesterol characteristics early on. And here are the traits if you are exposed to high cholesterol diseases:

  • Tingling
    Usually Tingling happen because sit too long for position change, often feel Tingling Is Wrong one characteristic from disease cholesterol high, from that if you Flow often Tingling then you must soon do examination.

  • Often nausea and gag
    Nausea and gag this happen because channel digestion Experience disorder, disease cholesterol the higher the lead Occurrence Interference on channel digestion, usually impact will Inflicted is Often nausea and vomiting.

  • Loss balance
    Usually people who suffer cholesterol high will experience a sense of not comfortable, condition The usually Result Loss the balance, if condition this happen usually muscle muscle will Be weak.

  • Experiencing Pain neck and back
    People suffering cholesterol high too usually will Experience Pain in the neck area and backs, condition this Caused by appearance pressure blood emerging high On simultaneously.

  • The body is very tired
    Usually people who suffer disease cholesterol high will Experience deficiency Supply Flow blood and too deficiency oxygen, conditions as this can Cause impact body will Be weak.

  • Experiencing sore feet and hand
    Other than will Experience Pain neck and backs, people experiencing cholesterol high too will experience pain on foot and hand, if you Experience condition as this soon Do it examination.

  • Emotions stable
    Feature one this maybe still rarely is known by the average person, it is necessary you know people who have cholesterol high usually will Experience Conception emotions, such as easy once for angry even though Cause is trivial.

  • Face red
    On serious cases especially those who suffer disease hypertension, usually will Impact on Enlarge it Vessels blood, which condition The can cause the faces of people who experience will Be red.

  • Sick head
    Meraskan sick head this usually more often happen in people who suffer disease hypertension or blood high which condition pressure His blood Already very high, from that if you Experience condition as this possibility big you Experience cholesterol high.

  • Weak leg muscles
    Experiencing weak on leg muscles also Is Wrong one characteristic from disease cholesterol high, conditions as this usually Caused because lack of Supply blood to so that the leg muscles Result leg muscles become weak.

  • Difficult breathe
    On generally Experience Difficulty for breathe Is Wrong one characteristic general disease asthma, however Experience Difficulty breathe Is Wrong one characteristic from disease cholesterol high should you beware.

  • Chest pain
    Characteristic characteristic last person who suffered disease cholesterol high is often Experience Pain on No, well if you Experience condition as this soon Do it examination for the level Levels cholesterol no Be Added high.

 The best way to see if the disease is high cholesterol or can not get blood to the doctor with a blood test in the laboratory. Because uncontrolled high cholesterol is very dangerous it can lead to constriction of blood vessels, strokes and even heart attacks.
Some ways if you are exposed to high cholesterol and want to lower it can try some of the following tips:

1.) Eat vegetables but do not cook with coconut milk, for an alternative can be made fresh vegetables.
2.) If you want to drink milk, drink cow's milk without fat.
3.) If you want to consume enough eggs consumption of egg whites only without egg yolks.

Some foods to avoid if someone has high cholesterol, including:

1.) Fries, butter
2.) High fat milk, sausage or cheese,
3.) Cow lettuce, lamb goat, and fatty beef,
4.) Crabs, shellfish, shrimp, eels, snails have high cholesterol levels.

Foods that are forbidden to eat because they contain very high cholesterol, as follows:

1.) Egg yolks,
2.) Squid,
4.) Quail Eggs,
3.) Cow brain


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