Being an entrepreneur is a challenging job choice rather than just being an office employee. Although there is a stigma in society that to be a successful entrepreneur requires huge capital or comes from a family with a business background as well, that is not entirely true.

Many successful entrepreneurs are not from wealthy families or business families. In fact there are also entrepreneurs who used to be successful but now it becomes an unsuccessful person. To be a successful entrepreneur, there is a basic capital that must be fulfilled in running the business that ditekuni. Is that?

1. Mental Steel.

Many successful entrepreneurs have a steel mentality. Mental is an attitude that is in someone who must be developed every day. If you want to be a successful businessman do not ever have a word of fear and minder when many people who start making fun because just started a business.

2. Abstinence Abstinence

Mental steel alone is not enough, must be balanced with unyielding. Trying and trying again is the criterion of successful entrepreneurs. Trying not to be done only once or twice. Successful entrepreneurs must often make a failure or mistake even up to 8-9 times a new failure can achieve success.
3. Dare to Take Risks

Being an entrepreneur must have the courage to take risks to come. Every business is bound to experience ups and downs, as entrepreneurs must be completely prepared with the risk of failure. If we do not dare to fail then the basic capital to become entrepreneurs has not formed in a person well. The risk of losing property and starting again from scratch is something to be faced if you want to be a tough businessman.

4. Discipline

One of the most daunting things that an entrepreneur will face is discipline. Discipline is the basis of action to comply with all existing rules whether it has been created and the existing regulations and work culture prevailing. Discipline is a very basic thing to make a better entrepreneur.

5. Consistent

Discipline must be accompanied consistently, especially when just starting a business. Many new entrepreneurs are more enthusiastic and disciplined when just starting a business but if it has been running for several months they will slowly experience the nature of boredom and lazy in running his business.

There are many other supporting factors to become a successful entrepreneur. However, at least 5 basic capital above must be owned by someone if you want to become an entrepreneur.



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