1. Planting stages
Due to rooting of strong jambi seed plants, preferably tabulampot guava using a drum pot. The composition of planting media for growing guava include: Soil: Manure Cage: husk = 2: 1: 1
How to Plant the Stages of Planting Guava in pots as follows:
A. Prepare seeds and pots. Make sure these seeds come from healthy grafting and have aged 5-6 months with uniform growth seen from one branch of buds that have a minimum height of 40 cm. Stems are straight, have eight pairs of leaves, and strong roots. Pot prepared 60 cm in diameter and 40 cm high. Insert the tile fragments inside the pot, then insert the planting medium and make the planting hole.
B. Remove the seeds from polybags, how to open the plastic attached to the planting media carefully so that the roots are not damaged and the ball of the ground does not break.
C. Enter the seeds of guava fruit plants into the planting hole.
D. Fill the space that is still empty in dalm pot with the media planting and solid at the base of the stem.
E. Flush the plant with enough water to plant wet media.
F. Put in a shade for 1-2 weeks.
G. Move plants to places exposed to direct sunlight.
2. Maintenance Tips
Maintenance of guava fruit plants is still required to obtain maximum results and satisfactory. Plant maintenance, guava fruit can be done with several stages including: Watering, fertilizing and pruning.
A. Sprinkling
Watering aims to keep soil moisture or planting media. The first two weeks after the seedlings are planted, watering is done once a day in the afternoon. Further watering can be reduced to two days. Watering in pots remain dilakuakan even in the rainy season because the fruit of guava fruit in the pot is very sensitive to the lack of water. When the dry season arrives, plants in pots need to be watered twice a day ie in the morning and evening.Hasil gambar untuk gambar jambu biji


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