1. Built-in Flashlight

The function of flashlight or flash light of course as the main illumination. The flash will exit by itself if you use automatic mode. As for other manual modes, users can manually set the use of this Flashlight.

2. Red-eye reduction

If you have ever seen a photo of a person with a red cornea, it is due to the reflection of the blood vessels due to the illumination. The problem can be eliminated with the Red-eye reduction feature on the camera. This feature will work automatically 1-2 seconds before the picture is taken.

3. Thumb Wheel

With Thumb Wheel you can choose various shooting modes The buttons that work to set the shooting mode. With various advanced features that you can set yourself according to taste. In the next article, we will discuss about the features of photography on the Thumb Wheel.

4. Display

When you use manual mode setting, the screen will display setting information about the mode. But if you do not want to display the information, you can press Display button to turn off the screen.

5. Main Dial

The main function of Main Dial is to set the low aperture and shutter speed. But it can also be used for other settings, such as setting the AF point.

6. Shutter

This is the key of all the buttons on a camera. Button used to take pictures.

7. Grip

Grip is a camera grip protruding on the right side of the camera. The section is designed so that the user can comfortably hold the camera when going to photography activities.

8. Lens Button

This button serves to remove the lens as well as lock the lens after mounted on the camera body.

9. Camera Lens

Without the lens, the image will not be captured by the camera. For the type of DSLR, the lens has a complete feature and can be replaced according to user needs.

10. Manual and Automatic Focus Setting

One of the advantages in DSLR cameras is that it can be manual or automatic setting focus on the lens. With this feature, users are given the freedom to choose the focus mode on the object. Unfortunately not all lens types have this feature.

11. Flash Button

For manual mode on the camera, flashlight must also be activated manually. You can press the flash button to open and use the flashlight manually.Hasil gambar untuk gambar kamera


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