Hasil gambar untuk gambar kucing

I will tell you guys about my pet at home. I have a cat that hairy black and cute, she has a long tail and dense woolly, and he has sharp nails and beautiful eyes. He also likes to play with balls, when I throw a ball for sure she is busy clawing the ball with sharp nails. but he was very disturbed at what if there is a hold on the tail, when things are holding his tail he will bite or scratches him. but he's very funny when in the long tail in the goda, I often annoy him when it was cool to play the ball. every day she also very annoying, because any food that is in place at the dinner table are lost in carrying a run at him, sometimes my mother would often yell at me too, MOM told me to get rid of the cat, but I declined, because I've really like my pet cats are the same, even though he meyebalkan but he is very cute and adorable cat is peliharaanku. an amusing and sometimes annoying.


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