Tartar or often also known dental plaque is hardening due to food residue attached to the teeth. Not easy to remove tartar, other than hard, the location is also hidden. Usually in the inner teeth or on the molars. If not careful when cleaning tartar, it can cause injury to the teeth. Usually lazy people who have tartar are those who are lazy to brush their teeth. As a result the remaining food attached becomes hard and difficult to remove.
The presence of tartar can be a breeding ground for germs. This will cause teeth to lose enamel into a protective layer of teeth so susceptible to diseases such as cavities, swollen gums and yellowish teeth. Many people assume tartar can only be removed with a scaller normally used by a dentist. But it turns out many traditional ways to remove natural and proven tartar.
If you do not have the money to go to the dentist. You can try a natural treatment to clean tartar like using baking soda, orange peel, cloves and other natural ingredients. The ways below are very easy to do and very cheap. You can try it at home with flexible time in accordance with your free time. Here's how to remove dental plaque with natural ingredients:

1. With lemon and cloves

Prepare 4 stalks of cloves then we puree, then add with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix these two ingredients evenly. Apply these two ingredients to the teeth, then brush your teeth as it is commonly brushing your teeth. Do it regularly for optimal results.

2. With orange peel

This method is very easy to do. You can practice at home anytime. Rub the orange peel directly on the teeth. In addition to helping to remove tartar, orange peel can also help overcome bad breath.

3. Pomegranates and salt

First we destroy the pomegranate. Then add with a little salt. Add water until pasta is formed. Use this pomegranate paste as a toothpaste. Brush your teeth with these pastes regularly.

4. By brushing your teeth

The easiest way and not only will clean the teeth from plaque and germs. Brushing your teeth regularly will help us to prevent the appearance of tartar. Keep at least 2x brushing your teeth every day. In the morning and afternoon. But it is better if you can get a regular plus before bed. Use toothpaste containing fluoride to help remove dental plaque and freshen the breath.

5. Flossing

Flossing is a traditional way to remove tartar. This method utilizes the dental floss you can get in the supermarket. Flossing will help to overcome tartar and can eliminate the remaining food attached to the sidelines of the tooth.

6. Drinking water

Drink plenty of water can also prevent the buildup and formation of tartar. Try to feel the difference, your teeth will feel thick and like there is a buildup that covers the teeth. But when you drink a lot of water, the rest of the food that sticks to the teeth will go missing.

That's some way to clean the tartar that you might try. But please note the results are not as fast as removing dental plaque to the dentist. But it can be one alternative for you. Good luck.


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